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Monday, 28 March 2011

A Fortnight of Firsts

I've had another busy couple of weeks. This time it's been sunny so I've hit the garden somewhat. It started looking exceedingly rough, but has started to take shape nicely. I have dug out my first ever vegetable patch.

You'll notice that it's not the tidiest of lawns or garden area. But slowly I have started to tame the jungle.

It's all rather exciting. Watching the seeds I have planted in numerous yogurt pots sprouting in the window sill. I do still need a greenhouse of sorts to go in the garden for some extra bringing on space as my window ledge in most definitely full now. 

Before veg patch digging

After digging - we're taking shape now!

Now to move onto some of my other firsts. As listed at the beginning of the year. I added goals including, make sushi, teach husband to cook.  For the first part of the list see Time to Look Forward. I have had more progress, I have made my 1st ever sushi - it tasted so good, my husband finally made his first from scratch meal! I even went as far as making my son's first bento box. So much fun.

Dinosaur Bento

My 1st sushi

Monday, 14 March 2011

Trying New Things

Urged by the words of Jasmine of Eat, Move, Write (and I quote They taste like Heaven in a bowl. ) visit to be entertained by this uplifting writer.

So this is the recipe I am following for the spinach and cheese savoury oats the lovely Jasmine accompanied hers with a poached egg, I'm tempted to step that little bit beyond and add some kippers too. I know - risky.

This (left) is what the dish should look like. This (below) however is how my 1st attempt turned out. Another go to get it right is required.

Also my missing a month of blogging I never got around to posting my monthly photos, so you lucky so and so reading this get to see two of them this time

I bet you can't believe your luck, 2 days of inane rambling and now strange pictures. Please come back I promise I won't always be this torturous!

Feb 1st

March 1st
 I appear to have created a photo crazy fool within myself (for further proof you should check out my twitter feed!)

Saturday, 12 March 2011

I can’t believe that I have let a whole month go without writing a single blog... oops! Anyway, I’m still working on Project Glitter & Sparkle

This week though I'm mainly excited by the idea of Bento. Which is roughly the Japanese term for packed lunch. With having 2 boys who have pack ups most days for school and a job which means over 2 shifts I eat breakfast, lunch and tea there so the art of the lunch box is close to my heart.

The picture on the left is one I found on the blog a lovely little blog that I'm sure everyone will enjoy.

I have just ordered a plain bento style lunch box online (see right) and eagerly awaits it's arrival from Hong Kong. Once I have mastered the art I have my heart set on a slightly more flashy set up.

A fab girl bento

Cherry Red slightly swisher affair
I also have an urge to decorate my rice balls and children's sandwiches using these handy cutters! I know little things and little minds! But an effect like this just looks too cute!

So watch this space, I will post what I make soon x