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Monday, 31 January 2011

See today, Hair tomorrow

It has been tough keeping as up to date as I want to for all my little bits and bobs.

Had a bit of a shufty round the house, moving this and that here and there. Choosing what I want to keep or what I want to throw. I now have big piles of cooking magazines full of food p*rn which I now want to go through so I can update and change in the usual BeeBee way. So look out for the new recipes that will be hitting .

Today my Hubster had a rare day off (without the kids!) so we headed into Hull, and around and about getting my other half's new inkwork done.

Then we headed over to St Stephen's (above) and into Nando's for the first time, I was what can only be described as far too over excited for a grown up!  I had the most fabulous 1/2 chicken, hot peri peri, with spicy rice and sweetcorn. It was sublime.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Tme Flies...

Can't believe how fast January is passing, there is only seven sleeps until February!

I've not posted in a while as for some reason not been at my most positive, to be honest I've been in a total grump - and it's been no fun whatsoever. I am fighting my way into the glitter and sparkle that I deserve this year.

In a bid to reclaim my glitter and sparkle I have signed up for Zumba classes. Great fun, a good workout too - just wish it was on more than once a week!

May have to look into getting a DVD to do alongside my Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD (available at both and for just £4.99 and free p&p.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Phew, What a Day

It's been a busy old couple of days here in my glitter & sparkle centre! Princess Kitchen is tackling bigger events (today being our first buffet for 32 covers) the clients were impressed with what they saw, fingers crossed it is as tasty as it did look when I dropped it off.

I seem to have taken a mission on without realising it of taking a photograph of my mainmeal each evening. Who knows why but I'll share some of this week's meals shortly.

The weather got me down today, quite literally too as I took a dive in a car park... ouch.

Bacon and Parmesean Spaghetti
Baked rice - a working lunch
Eggs, Chips & Beans
Tomorrow is an office bound day, so I'll be taking my usual soupy lunch tomorrow is my new concoction of Chicken minestrone the recipe can be found here:

Monday, 3 January 2011

A Day of Opportunities

It's been a strange old day, had a usual order to fill for Fozzy's Cafe and halfway through that I get a phonecall to cater for a YCA buffet - on Thursday! Eek panic stations ahoy lol.

So it's the end of the Christmas break and as of tomorrow we are almost back to reality here. Not necessarily a good thing as it took me two weeks to get used to them all being here and now it's going to feel really strange. At least school should be back on Thursday so I can get my buffet together in peace.

Tomorrow I also get to see some friends for the first time since before Christmas and see just how kind the New Year has been to me!

After being on Twitter a fair bit today (oops, but hey it keeps me sane!)  and got into a discussion about Sushi, personally I love the stuff, my favourite being either a maki roll or a cali roll mmm even typing the words makes me want to. So, I have found two more things to add to my things to do in 2011!

The Maki Roll

The Cali Roll

4. Learn how to make my own sushi.

5. Teach my husband how to cook 4 dishes. (His culinary skills can only be described as sandwich maker and general warmer uperer.

And in a fit of domestic goddess I also made a Pecan and Banana Loaf (you can find the recipe in here which I'm about to partake in with a lovely cup a char mmm.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Streamers and Balloons

It's that brand spanking shiny New Year that we have all been waiting for. It finally arrived and is full of all the promise we knew it would be.

However, if you look really closely it is just the same as last year, but this is were the trick is, to keep looking through our childlike eyes as everyday is new and can be whatever we choose it to be.

This morning, after having my daily porridge, I started the day with a pain aux chocolate and a rich black coffee on my favourite cup and plate. It makes all the difference when you eat off something that you really love.

Apologies, for the scrappy backdrop, I needed to have some light to take the picture, and the only bit I could find was in the bay window of the front room!

It was scrummy and so worth the wait for them in the oven!

I am also going to start another new tradition on this blog. On the first day of the month I am going to take a head & shoulders shot of myself and post it.
So beware! I'm not at my best first thing in a morning. Please be kind.

This is could be an interesting aside to normal life, see how the little thing affect the soul and how these things are written on your face for the world to see.

It was a quiet night in last night, we love New Years Eve so the Hubster and I spent it together on the PS3 on a number of the Buzz games (I'm a bit of a quizaholic) I got wallopped 4 games to 1. No more than 1 shot of Morgan's Spiced was drunk.

So I will bid you farewell for today and leave you with a picture of my tea from last night!

P.s. If you would like to see some of my recipes please head over to where I will be updating my catalogue of foody things regularly.

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