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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Blogs and Books #1

So here I ramble into the realm of Book Reviews.

I know that The Lost Symbol has been out for a while, but my book pile is immense and many of the tomes I will talk about on here are exceedingly old. I have a habit of buying books that I like the look of then not reading until I hit a momentary time in life that sort of reflects it... Hence Oliver Twist has stayed on the shelf for over a decade!

Anyway I finally finished reading Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol last night, took longer than I expected I had read his other offering in 2 days and this one took me 5 nights. After he stopped recanting the past and checking each character back to the same point in time and hammering home the same piece of information the book gathered pace at a fantastical rate.

Following Langdon as he attempts along with another female sidekick to solve a long standing Masonic mystery before his good friend and mentor (oh and head honcho mason to boot) Peter Solomon is killed by a man looking for revenge against the Soloman family.

Overall the book appears to be an advert for The Secret and The Laws of Attraction. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing but also not a good selling point.

So today I have begun reading Eat, Pray, Love which has just been released as a film with Julia Roberts. So just in case I get to the cinema to see it (yeah right!) or maybe before I can buy it on DVD I thought I best read it. I have seen an interview with the author Elizabeth Gilbert on Oprah some time ago which encouraged me to buy the book, and so it has been sat on my pile for a few months.

Monday, 23 August 2010

It's All About Me: I have the lurgy... bleurgh

It's All About Me: I have the lurgy... bleurgh: "So today is now a pj day... strangely the boys don't seem to see the benefits of lounging in your pjs, sadly. So far I have been exposed to..."

I have the lurgy... bleurgh

So today is now a pj day... strangely the boys don't seem to see the benefits of lounging in your pjs, sadly. So far I have been exposed to The Magic Roundabout and Stuart Little, not quite the Audrey Hepburn and Doris Day I crave on an under the weather day. I've even run out of chicken noodle soup... so not good. I think that there should be a delivery of it when ever you're ill a sort of dial a jewish mama with matza balls, jewish penacillin and general good advice. Oy vey maybe I should convert... but that could be tricky and slightly over the top even for me!
But really all I want today is to sit on my sofa and be still.

I have finally got some decent reading in. I'm not about halfway though The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. So far not a bad read, but not as addictive as his previous Langdon books.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Birthdays Come and Go, But I Miss You All The Same

Today would have been my mother's 59th birthday. It's just a shame that she barely made it past her 50th before she died. I can't believe that it has almost been 9 years since she left this realm. It still hurts the same everyday. I'm sure I'm never going to really get past the hole that was left.

I look at my boys and can't believe that she's never seen them or that they never saw her. They don't know the one person that was my whole life that I silently shed tears for on an almost daily basis still. They don't know the pain I feel when I look at them and know that they have this Granny shaped hole.

Sleep has escaped me tonight, which is a shock considering the 11 hour shift I did today, but I could do with a drink, it's a shame that in 4 hours I'll be going grocery shopping.

Boring post I know but hey, life isn't always fun.  x

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Thanks To The World's Technology Geeks For YouTube

I've been utilitising the joys of YouTube of  late... Especially feeding my lust of Tim Minchin

He's on tour in December, but alas due to my dodgy hours at my day job in the Christmas months I don't think I'll manage to get there, but I'm working on softening up the hubster for a trip to Nottingham (fingers crossed I might be able to wing it!)

Last night I watched Rock'n'Roll Nerd, which is a documentary that follows Tim as he rises through the comedy ranks from unknown wannabe to conquering the Edinburgh Festival and through to the birth of his daughter. An emotional roller coaster for me at least, was blubbing like a fool! Not usually one of my characteristics.

So now I'm looking for a bit of a reinvention. Just where to start!

I'm also remembering my days hanging out and performing in the comedy clubs of Bristol. I miss them days so much, so far removed from the life I have now as a married mother to 2 boys (3 and 4) and 3 other jobs. I miss the noise, the laughter and camaraderie (oh and the alcohol fuelled nights) but those are no longer and I need to work out my place in the scheme of things once more.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hello, how are you, let me ask you your name...

So this is a little aside from my usual hour-to-hour existance as a mother to 2 boys, part-time listings producer (or sub really) and cupcake maker.

I'll be hiding in here and opening up the can of whatever it is that's in my head at that time. I can't promise it will make sense, linear or even happy.

Let's see how it goes.