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Thursday, 22 August 2013

So I Did It Again...

Once again this Summer Break time has run away from me.

I'm sitting down at the end of the day, not even after doing anything particularly special, just shattered and ready for my bed.

We have just under 2 weeks left of these holidays now, the uniform buying crunch time has arrived. I'm loathe to buy uniform at the start of the break as my boys seem to get a spurt on a grow just after you've bought them. Thing 2 has grown about 3 inches in the last 4 weeks alone! About time, I was starting to think he'd be in his age 4-5 trews forever!

Diet wise all seems to be going not too badly at all, I've all but lost my gain, there was only 2lb left of it when I got weighed on Saturday. I've been alternating between 5:2 and 16:8. I have to admit 16:8 is easier when I'm in the office and then I sort of slot a fast day in there too for good measure.

Thing 1 has been sick this week, so my activity levels have dropped significantly. Not sure just how much that will impact on everything else but it can't be good. We will see.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Days 18, 19, 20 & 21: Speeding away

This working thing doesn't half get in the way of blogging time.

So here we are. It's Sunday once again.

Normally today I would know how I did on the scales this week. This week, however, things just didn't go to plan. Instead of going shopping at a store with a set of scales I wound up staying close to home and shopping in Bumpkinsville which has no real amenities.

I fell off the wagon somewhat yesterday. But I kept counting regardless. It wasn't in the least bit pretty. I have no idea what damage it could and may have done. I've have no access to scales that can weigh me until Friday/Saturday again. That is unless I do a sneaky drive through to a boots at some point. I just don't know.

We are about three weeks into the Summer Holidays now, and the Brothers Thing are starting to grate on me now. Especially Thing 1, his attitude to everything and everyone just stinks right now. No one else is allowed to have an opinion and everything we do/say/ask him to do is wrong and leads to some sort of tantrum/meltdown. In a strange way I'm almost looking forward to going to work again next week. I need the break from him and his droan/scream/whining.

Parent of the Year Award goes to...? Well it's not going to be me is it?

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Day 15, 16 & 17: Oh Heck!

Phew this week is just running away with me.

I'm back to the office this afternoon (Wednesday) and have a front room with four kids all playing on DSs. That is not the best thing for them, but hey they're quiet and I've been able to clean the kitchen and the front room while they've been Pokemoning or whatever it is they're playing on.

So, what have we done this week?

Monday - a few of us (8 kids and 4 adults) completed a mystery trail around Bumpkinsville. I think that towards the end the grown ups enjoyed it more than the kids, but it stayed nice and dry and killed a good three and a bit hours and even wore the bounciest of the children out! Result!

Tuesday - I took my boys to a local institution we call tea and toast (although I drink coffee and rarely touch the toast!). It's a coffee morning held in a Methodist Church in town. The boys got the chance to play with some friends that they haven't seen in a long time. Straight after we headed over to the park (we do have 2, but one is closed at the moment as they are doing some building works at the flood defences).

It was a fun afternoon, the kids played and us adults were left holding the picnics. I can't believe just how quickly four hours passed yesterday. By the evening I was poop-deck pappied!

Now we move onto today a.k.a. Wednesday - Not a lot is planned for today, and even less for tomorrow.
After blitzing the house before the babysitter gets here, I'm just sat here with a black coffee counting down to lunchtime. I think I'm going to get the boys to all make a pizza for lunch. I say pizza, they can put some toppings on a tortilla wrap - I'm just too nice! I have a bowl of soup just sat waiting for me in the fridge and some olive bread.

Now for a quick confession... After a long(ish) break I've been wooed back into the Graze box fold. I know, shocking isn't it. I'm actually looking forward to mine arriving today, and hopefully it will get here before I have to leave for work. 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Day 14: Sunday Memories

I remember as a child on Sundays being taken window shopping by Mum.

Back in the early 80s shops didn't open on a Sunday, (or Thursday afternoons if I remember right). Mum worked most Saturdays in a cafe so Sunday was the day we did things.

Walks around York, visits to Hornsea Potteries (it's now Hornsea Freeport, but back then it actually was a pottery first and foremost), even meandering around my home town happened after Sunday School.

These days window shopping is slightly more sofa based, I've taken recently to surfing different website and filling my wish lists with items. Right now my New Look saved items looks a lot like this.

Most of all I covet the high waisted jeans and the Kapow Bodycon Dress. Although at this point the dress wouldn't look great.

As for the whole shopping feelings, you still get to do the clicking part, which is the bit I personally like, just without all the expense of actually purchasing... Bonus!