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Thursday, 22 August 2013

So I Did It Again...

Once again this Summer Break time has run away from me.

I'm sitting down at the end of the day, not even after doing anything particularly special, just shattered and ready for my bed.

We have just under 2 weeks left of these holidays now, the uniform buying crunch time has arrived. I'm loathe to buy uniform at the start of the break as my boys seem to get a spurt on a grow just after you've bought them. Thing 2 has grown about 3 inches in the last 4 weeks alone! About time, I was starting to think he'd be in his age 4-5 trews forever!

Diet wise all seems to be going not too badly at all, I've all but lost my gain, there was only 2lb left of it when I got weighed on Saturday. I've been alternating between 5:2 and 16:8. I have to admit 16:8 is easier when I'm in the office and then I sort of slot a fast day in there too for good measure.

Thing 1 has been sick this week, so my activity levels have dropped significantly. Not sure just how much that will impact on everything else but it can't be good. We will see.

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