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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Day 14: Sunday Memories

I remember as a child on Sundays being taken window shopping by Mum.

Back in the early 80s shops didn't open on a Sunday, (or Thursday afternoons if I remember right). Mum worked most Saturdays in a cafe so Sunday was the day we did things.

Walks around York, visits to Hornsea Potteries (it's now Hornsea Freeport, but back then it actually was a pottery first and foremost), even meandering around my home town happened after Sunday School.

These days window shopping is slightly more sofa based, I've taken recently to surfing different website and filling my wish lists with items. Right now my New Look saved items looks a lot like this.

Most of all I covet the high waisted jeans and the Kapow Bodycon Dress. Although at this point the dress wouldn't look great.

As for the whole shopping feelings, you still get to do the clicking part, which is the bit I personally like, just without all the expense of actually purchasing... Bonus!

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