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Friday, 2 August 2013

Days 11 & 12: Sunny Days

Another double decker post today.

Yesterday the Brothers Thing, myself and a few of our friends headed to the East Coast and spent the day on the beach at Fraisthorpe. Just down from Bridlington.

It's the perfect beach for kids and grown ups alike, nothing to spend money on apart from an ice cream/burger/coffee van and the car park.

I honestly can't remember a day out that only cost £2.50. It's just a shame I am now a most vivid shade of red, even my legs which never usually happens.

Today was much simpler. A movie day in essence. We all watched Blackbeard's Ghost (I've been informed it's a Disney classic, I'd never seen it before) then tonight we have indulged in a chinese takeaway (wet special fried rice for me, chicken satay skewers and chips with some noodles for Mr C).

I'm still going strong on the calorie counting. So much so, that to balance out today I even had to break out the treadmill so I could eat some tea - after I had a splurge on chocolate nibbles from the sweet shop in town. Oops. Memories all the same.

I submitted a review for deadline this morning, which is never fun to write when you have a child next to you asking questions. I forget my own name when I'm trying to condense a book into 150 words. But at least it is now done. I only have 4 days now and I'm back in the office again. Eep.

Best get some activities organised for the kids to do with their babysitter.

Any ideas?

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