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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Day 13: Obligatory Diet Post

It's Saturday... the day of stress in this house.

Even before marriage and children I've never known what to do with myself on a Saturday. This is probably due to me always working on them during my formative years and well into my mid 20s.

To this day I find the whole process that is Saturday horrific.

The Brothers Thing always act up on Saturdays, Mr C is more often than not mardy and not in the mood to do things.

Overall I crave routine. This comes out, more often than not in my eating. I crave sweet things, stodgy things, simple carbohydrates - basically stuff wrapped in bread! (That's a throwback from my 15 years in the catering industry working in cafes, bars and restaurants up and down the country).

Instead I'm almost 2 weeks into 6 weeks of permanent Saturdays. Which right now is half making me want to hide at the moment of the biscuit tin or seeking solace in the company of Ben & Jerry.

My clothes don't like this however. So I have to be careful. I have lost and gained and lost again more weight than I am going to ever acknowledge. This year alone I have gone up and down within the same 18lb. I'm currently 7lb down again, another 11lb to my lowest weight this year, 28lb to my lightest in 2 years and 84lb to my lightest in 8 years. Even then I wasn't a skinny minny, I still had only just gotten into a size 18/20.

 Then to underline how bad I have gotten recently I went on a cub camp, we took a hike (on the hottest day of the year) I could barely make it up the hill and through a field. That is just plain embarrassing, when last summer I was running 5 and 10k races. I am so disappointed that I let myself go back to this size and the lack of fitness.

Right now my best friend is the website I wouldn't have said that yesterday when I forced myself on to the treadmill so I could eat my tea, mainly because I'd had a syrup waffle and salted peanut binge. Never a good idea. But at least I counted. That I have to look at as a positive. In the last 2 weeks I have lost 7lbs. Which is better than a kick in the teeth, but still it's just not enough.

I am planning to return to eating in the style of 5:2 next week, as I'm returning to the office twice a week - my school holidays are over, fast days on Wednesday and Thursdays. However, I've just been told about 16:8 which is where you only eat between 12noon and 8pm every day. This may be the best idea for the next few weeks of the summer holidays. It is though to have the same health benefits as fasting but I'm not so sure about the weight loss bit.

So it may occur that Saturday may turn into weight loss rant day.


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